What I’ve Learned From Bringing the Inner Monster Podcast to Life

Rick Kitagawa (he/him)
5 min readSep 28, 2020
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They* said it didn’t make any sense.

Who is going to listen to a podcast that mixes short horror fiction with monster mythology and personal development?

Sure, if you’re looking at a starting a podcast and consider things like minimum viable audience or the numbers of listeners you need to gain advertising deals, or the number of new podcasts started every day, then starting a very niche podcast like this probably makes no sense.

However, if you’re looking at starting a podcast as an opportunity to put yourself out there, create something that YOU want to see happen in the world, and take a beginner’s mind in terms of audio production, refining your thoughts, developing a schedule, and building the habit of creating every day, then this totally makes sense.

I created the Inner Monster Podcast to combine my love of storytelling, monsters, and the work I do as a leadership and business coach. I already run a business called Kaiju Coaching, so why not double down with my own unique take on things like impostor syndrome, intrinsic value, dealing with internal narratives, and other topics that are of use to most human beings?

Additionally, I know that the blend of personal development with mythological history of monsters and short horror fiction seems out there. But part of the reason I’m launching the show is because I believe in the combining of random things to find insights into the human condition. If you’ve ever read my blog (you can start with the entry titled “ Chameleons, Honey Badgers, and Tigers” to see what I mean), you’ll know that looking for advice in the strangest places is a hobby of mine.

That said, I’ve been hesitant to launch this podcast, partially because I’m not sure if there was an audience besides myself, but also because I didn’t want to launch something that I couldn’t keep up. While the rates of new podcasts are incredibly high, there are few new podcasts that can continue a sustained output, and nearly as many fade into the ether and stop producing episodes every day. I want to share with you some things that helped me go from concept to reality.

There were two big things that helped me push past the doubt…



Rick Kitagawa (he/him)

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