The Witch Out of Time

Official lore from the Witchez universe

Rick Kitagawa (he/him)
7 min readJan 24, 2022
The Harbinger

Throughout history, people have chased the dream of living forever, or at least extended life.

The Fountain of Youth. The Holy Grail. The Pools of Lazarus. The Ancient City of Ubktor.

But if anyone had actually lived for thousands of years, they would know it was much more a curse than a blessing.

Everyone you love dies around you. You have to constantly move around, remake your identity, keep the tumble of lies straight. You become irritated at the impatience of those who live such trivial life spans compared to yours. Continental wars, plagues, technological innovations — all trivial and just par for the course when you’ve seen civilizations rise and fall.

So when the witch out of time saw her own end, she welcomed it with a deep exhale of relief.

Kat (the name she was going by in this decade) was tracking a branch of The Order of the Dark Wheel in Japan when she felt the shift.

The curse that had kept her alive since she was born over 46,000 years ago was humming, almost speaking to her. Her ancient bones quivered as the magik inside of her began to bubble up. Even though she was sitting in the middle of a park in the outskirts of Kyoto, she knew what people thought of her wouldn’t…



Rick Kitagawa (he/him)

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