The Cult & The Coven: Roadmap Update

or, Why you should probably start minting Witchez on Tezos

Rick Kitagawa (he/him)
7 min readMar 14, 2022


Note: I’ll do my best updating this here, but realistically, if you want all the latest and greatest updates on The Cult & The Coven Tezos blockchain gaming experience, I suggest you join the Devil’s Delegate discord server, who is one of the producing partners of the game.

Witchez Arrive

In late Fall of 2021, the Witchez began to mint for 13 xtz at

Witch #540 — Millitia the Hive Queen

Witchez is the first NFT collection by the Devil’s Delegate, and the first generative collection by artist Rick Kitagawa. A collection of 6,660 witchez, the collection is made up of over 140 traits, including the super rare Hex trait class and a total of 6 ultra-rares with unique traits.

In terms of The Cult & The Coven (TCTC) blockchain game, the Witchez represent the forces of good trying to save the world. Even though they’re misunderstood and often scorned, these powerful women have heeded the call of the Harbinger to stop the prophecy of the Doom — an extinction-level event foretold to be brought about by the malevolent cult known as the Order of the Dark Wheel.

Witchez can still be minted by visiting , and we have monthly reveal parties (when your freshly minted witchez get revealed) every full moon.

Staking and Mana Farming

In early January we released the staking of your Witchez. By using the manager functions at the Witchez homepage, you’re able to add your Witchez tokens to our game contract in order to start receiving mana at a rate of 50 mana per day per witch by “activating” them.

The Witch Manager

Also, to be clear, activated witchez won’t show up in your wallet, but at any point you can move your Witch from “Active” to “Available” to get them back. Unrevealed witchez cannot be activated, so every full moon you wait (see reveal…



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