My (Last) Two Years In Review

What I’ve done and lessons learned. More for me than for you.

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

2019 — The Year of New

(Kaiju) Coaching

“Kaiju” means “strange beast” and is a Japanese genre of films featuring giant monsters (think Godzilla)


Moving to SoCal

Brewskee-Ball Nationals

Designer Con

The Brightspot..I mean, Spotlight Trust

2020- The Year of the Habit

Shelter-in-Place / COVID / 2020 = Terrible

Akimbo Workshops

Spotlight Trust

Inner Monster Podcast


Things to Take Forward, Things to Leave Behind

Exploring trust, leadership, art, business, skeeball, and horror fiction — Co-Founder, + Coach @ altMBA +

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