My (Last) Two Years In Review

What I’ve done and lessons learned. More for me than for you.

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2019 — The Year of New

(Kaiju) Coaching

I not only kicked off my own coaching business (inspired by monsters, of course), but I coached a few sessions of the altMBA as well as a session of the Bootstrapper’s Workshop for Akimbo. I figured out my coaching style and what I want to focus on for the individual work that I do. I also landed my first few private coach clients! Woo!

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“Kaiju” means “strange beast” and is a Japanese genre of films featuring giant monsters (think Godzilla)


We scratched a huge bucket-list item off this year, as we finally visited my five-generations-removed ancestral homeland, Japan. E accepted an award at a film festival for a film she helped make, and we got to dress up all fancy and have in-ear live translation going. The coolest part was getting to take photos on the red carpet for the Japanese press. Snazzy!

Moving to SoCal

Saying “hella” is a hill I’m willing to die on, but pretty much the week after we returned to Japan, E got a job offer in Burbank so she rented a place for a month, we got apartment searching, and I packed/purged our San Francisco apartment for the next month.

Brewskee-Ball Nationals

It was nice to get to visit New York again, although Skee-Ball nationals are always such a stressful time for me, I don’t visit friends, and pretty much just stay around the tournament and do a lot of thinking and meditation and catching up with friends/competitors from other cities.

Designer Con

Having moved to a location with more studio space (read: a backyard), I kicked up my sculpting a notch and released two resin-cast toys. The first was a small shoggoth based on the protoplasmic creatures from The Mountains of Madness, and the second was an original creation of mine known as Mer-Rey.

The Brightspot..I mean, Spotlight Trust

After leaving The Lords of Print a few years ago to pursue teaching, I knew that having a good business partner really makes starting a new business much better than doing it alone. LOP was an amazing run, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without my business partner Matt. I had wondered about starting something around coaching with another altMBA coach, but while I’ve met tons of people who would be great to work with, things never quite aligned.

2020- The Year of the Habit

Shelter-in-Place / COVID / 2020 = Terrible

Might as well just get this out of the way, since COVID-19 has basically defined the year for the planet.

Akimbo Workshops

Phew, Seth Godin recently shared a list of the coach teams that make up the Akimbo Workshops, and I realized how often I coached this year. The plus is that I got to work with amazing humans, and piloted a lot of new programs. From hosting the first three Real Skills Conferences, piloting a session of altMBA with only directors and VPs of Fortune 50 companies, and Head Coaching a brand new workshop called Small Business Essentials, I’m super stoked about all of the new skills and programs I got to help launch.

Spotlight Trust

I was stoked to start off the year working on launching a pilot leadership training program, and after running the pilot in February, I was really excited to bring a Trust-Centered focus into more companies.

Inner Monster Podcast

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I got into the habit of writing for at least 15 minutes every day in April, and went on a continuous streak from April 1 to December 4th.

Things to Take Forward, Things to Leave Behind

There’s a lot of things that actually worked well in 2020 that I want to bring forward into 2021.

Exploring trust, leadership, art, business, skeeball, and horror fiction — Co-Founder, + Coach @ altMBA +

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