My (Last) Two Years In Review

What I’ve done and lessons learned. More for me than for you.

Rick Kitagawa (he/him)


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Hello! Inspired by my friend Francois Vigneault, I’ve decided to capture what’s happened over the last year. Also, since 2020 has seemed like a time warp of sorts, I’ve also wanted to include 2019, which was also a huge year for me, before it got lost in the foggy haze of memory. Enjoy!

If you’d like to jump straight to the part where I talk about what I’m bringing forward into 2021, you can just scroll straight to the bottom.

2019 — The Year of New

(Kaiju) Coaching

I not only kicked off my own coaching business (inspired by monsters, of course), but I coached a few sessions of the altMBA as well as a session of the Bootstrapper’s Workshop for Akimbo. I figured out my coaching style and what I want to focus on for the individual work that I do. I also landed my first few private coach clients! Woo!

I did feel like I could have been more thoughtful about my overall value proposition prior to launching, but I’m definitely a “launch and iterate” kind of guy by nature, so I let that get the best of me. Not great for launching, but good for figuring out what works.

“Kaiju” means “strange beast” and is a Japanese genre of films featuring giant monsters (think Godzilla)


We scratched a huge bucket-list item off this year, as we finally visited my five-generations-removed ancestral homeland, Japan. E accepted an award at a film festival for a film she helped make, and we got to dress up all fancy and have in-ear live translation going. The coolest part was getting to take photos on the red carpet for the Japanese press. Snazzy!

I also went a little crazy when I found how common and cheap vinyl paint is in Japan (specifically, paint that sticks to vinyl toys). I ended up buying a ton of it, but then realized that it’s highly flammable and ended up, after desperately searching for a way to ship it all to the US and failing, ended up giving my entire bag of paint up at the airport. There is a reason it’s so hard to find stateside!



Rick Kitagawa (he/him)

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