Artist Guide: Getting Started with NFTs on Tezos

A guide for non-technical artists who barely understand blockchain technology but want in on eco-friendly #NFTs

Rick Kitagawa (he/him)


Okay fellow creative, you’re interested in NFTs despite hearing all the catastrophic environmental damage, etc. etc.? Okay, first off, you might be better off reading about the nuance of it all (some blockchains and some NFTs suck up tons of power) but if you’re already on the #CleanNFT hype train of Tezos and want to get started, here you go.

Witchez #522 , by https://witchez.xyz

This is not an exhaustive guide to Tezos or crypto in general, but a way for you to get started selling (and/or collecting) on these platforms. Also, I’m based in the US, so this is all coming from an American lens.

If you’re coming from somewhere else in the world, the main differences are going to be around the regulation surrounding how you get tez into your wallet in the first place. Even though exchanges and currency support is going to differ from country to country (or even state to state — I’m in California) the general concepts should be the same.

Here’s the walkthrough in order of how I’d recommend getting set up — if you’re already all set up in one section, feel free to jump ahead.

If you’re just starting out, I highly recommending reading everything to sort of wrap your head around the concepts before diving in.

BUYING TEZ ON AN EXCHANGE*, and an intro to Gas and Wallets

*Quick note — some wallets allow you to do this step through a 3rd-party intermediary like MoonPay. It’s not necessarily good or bad, but always watch for the fees.

So you’re probably looking to sell art to make money. But remember, you’re going to be selling in tez, not fiat currency (fiat is a fancy way of saying “government-backed currency” like the US dollar, or the Japanese Yen, etc. etc.)

You’re going to need to buy a tiny bit of tez/XTZ so you can afford to mint NFTs (minting is the terminology for putting the art on a…



Rick Kitagawa (he/him)

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